A Guide to Choose a Good Psychologist

There are many things to think about how to assess whether you have chosen the right psychologist. We have described some tips regarding behavior and profession of psychologist that will help you choose a good psychologist at Primetherapist.com.


  1. He needs to be minimally clear about his methods and goals

Even therapists with more gloomy approaches that promote no responses and less intervention need to be open to talking about their procedures.

  1. His approach is less important than how he handles the situation

Many are attached to the approach, but it is driving that will make the most sense. So, the movement is more important than the intellectual guide he adopts.

  1. He will create anguish in you

At various times, you will come out worse than you came in, but it is not a rule. So don’t expect to leave therapy always relieved. If you want to go out relaxed, go to a massage therapist.

  1. He will know how to appease when the time is right

The balance between pepper and sweetness will create a bittersweet texture in the process. Sometimes, it is time to poke and at other times to welcome and overflow painful emotions. Only one thing or the other does not bring growth.

  1. You will not have the agenda at your whim

There are patients who want to test the therapist’s firmness by constantly changing days and times as if therapy is a hobby. Insecure therapists will heed the patient’s calls and allow extra-therapeutic conflicts to arise in the therapeutic space and therefore be permissive.

  1. You will not sleep in your session

Inattention, sleep, forgetfulness may occasionally arise in some situations, but when this is repeated constantly start to think about talking about the reasons for this and raise these points in therapy. The therapist’s reaction will tell you whether you are open or defensive.