How to Choose a High Quality Trampoline

Make sure that the best trampoline you will buy is manufactured by a reliable company. There’s no point in buying a cheap, poorly made trampoline that only poses more risk than fun. A lot of modern trampolines are built to last and backed by warranties of five years or so. Don’t just pick a trampoline that’s big enough for your kid to use now. Choose one that can still be used by your child in years to come. It will save you a lot of money in the future.

Do you want a rectangular trampoline or a circular trampoline? Circular trampolines are common for garden use as they are less powerful than the rectangular ones that are usually used by experienced gymnasts. Circular trampolines direct the user to the center of the trampoline mat, making it safe. For kids, it would be dangerous for them to use a rectangular trampoline without constant supervision.


A trampoline should have the following features:

  • Weight Limit – A weight limit of around 100 kilograms should be enough for most families.
  • Bounce Mat and Spring Padding – The bounce mat should be robust and smooth when the user falls against it with their bare skin. There are trampolines that use a UV-resistant mat made of Permatron Polypropylene.
  • Frame – The frame is the most important part and is usually made of galvanized steel. High quality trampolines have galvanized protection both on the outside and inside of the tubing.
  • Number of Springs – Manufacturers will usually state the number of springs they use for every size of trampoline they offer. Smaller ones will have fewer springs than larger ones. The number of springs required for the trampoline they sell is connected to the user’s weight. A large number of springs can make it hard for a young kid to bounce.
  • Ladder – The trampoline ladder is important as it permits easy access to jumpers. The possibility of jumping off the trampoline and risking an injury is lessened. If you have young kids, you can prevent them from accessing the trampoline when you’re not at home by removing the ladder. A ladder with flat steps is recommended than tubular steps. The latter can be uncomfortable for kids to use without their shoes on.
  • Safety Enclosure – You should always choose a trampoline set with a safety enclosure. Regardless of the user’s age, a safety enclosure is very important. If the trampoline has no safety enclosure, you have to allow more space around your trampoline in case of falls.
  • Weather Cover – A weather cover protects the trampoline mat from bird droppings and leaves.
  • Anchor Kit – If you’re leaving your trampoline out in your garden, you need to get a trampoline anchor kit. The trampoline may be a heavy piece of equipment, but it can still get damaged or even cause damage to your property. A trampoline anchor kit keeps the trampoline secure to the ground.