Ways to Prevent Hoarding

Hoarding can not only get in the way of everyday life, but also create unnecessary anxiety to the person holding onto unneeded items. Though it is nothing to be ashamed of, should the situation gets out of hand a reputable company like RestorePros may need to be called to ensure one’s safety. To avoid reaching this point, here are a few tips to prevent hoarding and keeping the excess clutter under control.


Store Your Valuables Properly

Those stacks of old postcards and photos from past family vacations should not get in the way of your everyday life. Hang them up on the wall or organize them into a photo album that may be easily tucked away for safekeeping and help to maximize the space in your home. Display shelves are wonderful to keep your prized possessions out in the open as well as out of the way.

Beware of Bargains

If you seem to find yourself constantly buying something simply because it is on sale yet never using it, those needless items are bound to pile up. Donate them to a local charity or a family member to avoid too many excess things in your home. Keep the item in your possession for a month, and if you have not touched it by then, it must go.

A Clutter of Clothing

A closet overfilled with unused clothes can be put to much better use once those garments are gone. For this, use the six month rule. If you have not worn it in longer than six months, or the last season that it was weather appropriate, donate or toss it.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, try to tackle one area of your home at a time instead of going at the whole house headfirst. RestorePros are always here to help if the situation gets to be too much to handle. Good luck!

Max is a marketing assistant with RestorePros Remediation, a hoarding, crime, trauma, suicide, unattended death cleanup and more located in Louisiana and the Gulf South.