Safety Tips for Pre and Post Tumescent Liposuction

There are some pre and post tumescent liposuction safety guidelines to make the whole process safe.

Pre-operative guidelines for tumescent liposuction

After talking to your doctor and clarifying all your questions about tumescent liposuction, he will tell you some routine exams to do about 10 days before surgery. Also a clinical and cardiological evaluation will be recommended. In certain cases, doctors may request abdominal ultrasound or other specific examination that may assist in diagnostic clarification.


Remember the general recommendations for surgeries, such as not using AAS drugs, anticoagulants, long-acting corticosteroids, or weight-loss medicines before 2 weeks. Keep away from smoking for 30 days prior to operation; do not use body creams from the day before surgery; do fasting according to the medical recommendation; communicate to your doctor about any abnormalities or recent use of medications, medical or dietary allergies, and any other recommendations that may be relevant. Keep personal belongings such as jewelry and costume jewelry at home.

Post-operative guidelines for tumescent liposuction

Usually this surgery does not present a painful postoperative. There may be problems with physical activities in people who don’t do exercise. However, if there is any increased degree of pain sensitivity, the use of common analgesics works well and will be recommended in your postoperative prescription.

Only use medicines recommended by your doctor, following all guidelines given by the surgical team. It is best that you clarify your doubts with which you operated, avoiding asking for advice from friends who do not know your case in detail.

In general, you will only notice changes in measurements after about 30 days. Even so, the swelling only regresses completely with approximately 3 months. In the early months or weeks, the operated areas may subject to “bumps” period and there may appear some areas denser than others. It is generally only noticeable on tactual exploration and tends to fade away after the 3rd month. During the course of the months, with adequate modeling exercises and lymphatic drainage, the final results are gradually reached.