3 Tips to Manage your Time Better!

Instead of curbing poor time management, there is a way around it. Being able to measure time spent on various tasks can help managers find where wasted time is happening and hold employees accountable. Having a productivity application without any sort of feedback or analysis does not force, or even help to motivate, people that are wasting time. Improving productivity is something we all strive for, especially in the workplace, but it takes practice. Below are three of my best tips:


  1. Rise Early – Waking up early gives entrepreneurs a few hours head start to the day, allowing them to set up their day and set a positive tone. Less distractions arise in the wee hours of the morning and this allows entrepreneurs to focus. Entrepreneurs send emails, catch up on news, exercise, and eat breakfast all before the rest of the world open their eyes.
  2. Create Lists – Building daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists creates a drive toward accomplishment in entrepreneurs. Breaking down tasks and figuring out time management helps them stay focused, on task, and get more done in the day. Productivity and organization are closely related, with a more organized day, productivity can increase. Set attainable goals,  list the people who can help you out along the way, and figure out which activities are key to accomplish the goal. Determine the key performance indicators that will show success and begin!
  3. Work in Bulk – Completing emails, phone calls, thank you notes and more when performed in bulk will make your days more efficient. Bulk work allows entrepreneurs to focus on the same tasks for extended period of time, which increases productivity. Some people call this “getting into the groove” or “in the zone.” Bulk work gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn more about their strengths, weaknesses and helps them define key business activities.

Out of all of the above tips, the most helpful for me find more success was creating lists. For some reason, I always thought I could remember my work, when it was due, what it was about, who to send it to etc, and creating lists has really helped me overcome this problem. Of course, my productivity in the area can always improve, but I am quite happy with the changes that have taken place in my morning planning routine. Now, my greatest need is to improve how I prioritize my work. Creating a list is one thing, but organizing that list into an order that makes sense and fits with a client’s timeline can be challenging!

Max is a consultant for Point Above, a mindfulness, leadership and business coach based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.