The Best Tips for Hiring a Patient Care Nurse at Home

When looking for a home patient care nurses (พยาบาลเฝ้าไข้, which is the term in Thai) for your family member it is important to take the time to ask the following questions to the company responsible for the nurse you want to hire:


  1. How long has the company provided home patient support services?
  2. Do nurses have personal accident insurance? And does the company have any type of accident insurance covering the practice of home-based care nurse?
  3. Who is the company’s technical director?
  4. How does the home support company select and train nurses? What is the experience of nurses?
  5. As a rule, is it always the same nurse who provides the hired home support service?
  6. What happens if the nurse gets sick or goes on vacation?
  7. If you are not satisfied with the nurse you can be replaced?
  8. How is the work of nurses supervised? How often?
  9. Can I choose the profile of nurse?
  10. Does the home support company develop a care plan with the user and the family and update it as the situation changes?
  11. Does the home support agency have a document with the rights and duties of the user that describes the rights and responsibilities of the company and the user who will benefit from the service?
  12. In the event of an emergency occurring outside of normal working hours, how do you contact the person in charge of the company?
  13. What is the policy of the company in case of alteration of the patient’s health status with the nurse?
  14. When can the home support company start the services?
  15. Should my relative need to go to an institution as if the contract is canceled?
  16. What forms of payment does the home support company accept?
  17. At what time of the month is the service invoiced?
  18. At the signing of the contract for home support services is any security deposit paid?