What are Psytrance Festivals and Why Do People Enjoy Them?

A psytrance festival is a festival bringing people together encapsulating them in its upbeat music and rhythm. Psychedelic trance or Psytrance is a subgenre of trance music that is arranged into synthetic/artificial rhythms and consists of layered melodies. It is a moment when thousands of people gather and become one. Psytrance festival participants enjoy a shared experienced and meet new people, smashing the boundaries of strangers.


Psytrance or Psychedelic trance music has a unique sound. It is energetic and fast paced compared to other types of techno and trance music.

  • Full-On – Full-on Trance is hugely popular in Israel and brings high energy music with melodic yet crisp basslines.
  • Progressive – Progressive trance is widely used as a prevailing party melody and mainly relies on grooves. It features a melodic and slow rhythm with a special focus on bass and drums.
  • Suomisaundi – Although it is not as common as the others, you will find some people praising this style. It is an experimental type originating from Finland in the 1990s.
  • Darkspy – This style is quite similar to a full on trance with a fast 148 bpm. It is bouncy yet glitchy, with an earthy and organic undertone. Besides, it is also recognized as being deep and obscure with meditative basslines.
  • Dakke Dak – It has a heavy and rapid rhythm and a new style originated from Denmark in 2010. It is also known as ‘’Tramp.’’ This is because of it being stumping on the ground with lo-fi bass after the beat drop.

The attraction of psytrance lies in its several styles that attract a multicultural audience. It comprises different moods and beat, giving it different interpretations and characteristics.

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