3 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips to Look Younger

Do you know the best way to fight the signs of aging is to fight them from a young age. Yes, you better prepare yourself if you are planning to take the fight to the enemy. The fact is, you don’t need to break into your bank account. Instead all you need is to be careful and you are off the hook. Following are 3 Anti Aging Skin Care tips which will help you to achieve a younger look.


Exercise Your Face

You need to forget about the hamstrings, the overlooked gym induced strains always hit us from above our shoulders. Sure we can easily pinpoint the women who tense their jaw and throat whenever they hit the gym. Why? It’s surprisingly useful as it makes the cord of neck prominent as it pulls down the face.

Protect Yourself from Heat

Avoiding the Sun and SPF is not enough to protect yourself. You should start thinking about other sources of heat such as stove, oven, heater, hot air and water, or the fireplace. The point is, direct exposure of heat from two or three feet will cause your skin to become read and it will break the collagen. It is in your best interest if you stay at least ten feet away from the heat resources.

Avoid the “Sleep Lines”

It is easy to tell which side people sleep on just by seeing the vertical lines on their cheek. As the skin is pressed against wrinkles on fabric, this works toward to cause the wrinkles. You can easily avoid these if you snooze on your back. If that is a little bit uncomfortable for you, then you can swap your pillowcases (covers) with something made of pure silk or satin. Remember you need to buy something soft, something which is made out of the highest quality thread count fabric possible.