Injection filler Activegel™

breast augmentationACTIVEGEL is a universal hydrophilic filler that does not resolve shortly after administration, is very simple to use and is made of high-purity sterile synthetic material. The properties of Activegel are such that due to its positive charge it prevents oxidation and minimizes the postoperative recovery process.
The desire to be beautiful is natural for any person, and it is a good thing that today’s high technologies allow a person to transform his/her appearence quickly, safely and easily. Science shows rapid progress and plastic correction means are becoming more and more perfect and safer. Activegel is one of the newest achievements of medicine, in terms of its properties it is a filler that surpasses preparations of an earlier generation. This material has a great future in the present-day and future aesthetic surgery.
Advantages of our product:
? The material has no side effects, it is 100% safe to use;
? the Activegel-based filler is simple and convenient to use. Patients tolerate injections with this implant easily;
? Activegel-based bio-implants after injection do not resolve keeping the desired shape of the body for a long time;
? the effect from its use lasts more than 5 years.
The Hydrophilic implant advantages are as follows:

100% positive result;
environmental friendliness of ingredients;
simplicity of use without surgery.
The bio-implant helium base does not dissolve under the skin and retains necessary shape for a long time. To date, this is the best new method that will allow you to regain youth and preserve it for a long time.

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