Things You Should Never Do After a Full Meal

Eating foods is necessary to keep our body working. But there comes a time when the meal is super delicious and we can’t resist our urge to eat more. There’re some things you are not supposed to do after a full meal. Let’s find what you should avoid after eating a large meal:

Things You Should Never Do After a Full Meal

Don’t smoke

We all know that smoking is injurious to health, but after a full meal, it’s five times the killer. Cigarettes are high in carcinogens, which can cause serious damage to your health if you consume it after a meal. It has been observed that the majority of smokers tend to smoke a cigarette after their meal. They believe smoking helps them feel better after eating a meal.

Don’t eat fruits

There’s no denying the fact that fruits are healthy, however, they can be injurious to health if consumed in the wrong time, after the meal. According to many studies, eating fruits after any meal can be super harmful. Let’s find out why fruits are harmful after a meal: fruits are one of those foods that are easy to digest and take only 20 minutes to move from your stomach to the final destination intestines, where they’re finally digested. So when we eat fruits after a meal, they get stuck with the meal, and therefore get spoiled along with the food.

Avoid shower

Wait at least 30 minutes after a meal to take a shower as it can slowdown the digestion, which requires a lot of energy and stable temperature to complete. When you take a shower, our body diverts the blood flow to the skin in order to cope with the impact of cold water. Therefore, you should avoid taking a shower after any meal.

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