3 Face Skin Problems Everyone Women Faces

Face Skin Problems? This is nothing less than an emergency alarm for any girl. Girl takes their skin a lot more seriously than men will ever do. This is what makes them cry all the nights. But they can seamlessly control the problem if they are willing to learn a few things and fight off the problem. Following we are naming the main skin problems faced by women today.


  • Acne

Bad news for you, the nightmare didn’t ended with your high school. This is somewhat that happens time after time so you better be prepared for it. It’s a common problem which affects almost 30% people in the world. It is caused by bacteria known as P.acnes, it is responsible for redness as well. It can be also cause by sticky skin cells which clog the pores. Acne is also a product of too much oil in your skin. Moreover, it can be also caused by if you were taking too much estrogen.

  • Signs of Aging

The flat brown blotches is one of the most annoying Face Skin Problems. This is related to your age or your liver. It can happen at a young age when you have damaged your liver or got an uneven pigmentation. The result of it is the crop up of all sun exposed parts of body covered in these sports. So you have to be careful about your skin condition and how you can possibly treat it.

  • Scars

These are caused in event of an accident. Sure we see scars from our childhood all our age, and we need to proud of it as our generation is not getting bruises and cuts playing outside but rather just likes and comments on their social networking website. With time, these get to old and you might live with them. But if they are new, you can sure get rid of them.