Eat Green and stay Healthy!

Usually, I am not a person who is keen on converting the non-vegetarian recipes into the vegetarian ones by any means, but when it comes to the green veggie burger, I just can’t help myself. I just don’t stop exploring the best places to eat the green veggie burgers. And to hit the perfect restaurant, it took me a while. And I must tell you that the taste of a perfect green veggie burger is not attained by the vegetables as the perfect base or the grains and spices you add for the texture. But it depends on the two experienced hands of a chef who knows the ultimate combination of the spices and vegetables to be served.

And the one place I hit the most when I feel hungry is Green Paris, Green is better! It is located in the “French Cuisine Country”. And their motto is to make people realize that they can eat inorganic and healthy food even in a gastronomic way. They make you realize that how the green vegetables are good for your health as they contain all the goods for your health including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. While the non-vegetarian foods are full of fats and can harm your health in many different ways as well.

They offer two perfect recipes for the green veggie burger:

  • Lentils / Quinoa
  • Black bean / Quinoa

Both these recipes contain lentils and beans as the main ingredients. And the other secret ingredients of the green chef are Lens, golden brioche etc. These are tasty and healthy as well. One shouldn’t miss the delights of eating a green vegetable burger. And if you love beans I bet you will love this recipe and will never miss eating it at any cost later.

So, have a happy and healthy meal!