Five Benefits of Using Nutrition Bars for Snacking

Nutrition bars are categorized into three main types. The sports bar is composed of high protein and low carbohydrate ingredients to provide muscle-building nutrients. The energy bar, on the other hand, has high carbohydrate content to give an instant boost; it is often fortified with herbs such as ginkgo and ginseng or stimulants like caffeine. 

Meanwhile, nutritionally balanced bars contain 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate, and 30% fat. All of them have different benefits for a spectrum of people such as athletes, diabetics, weight-conscious people as well as children. Following are five common benefits of snacking on a typical nutrition bar made of dates, oats, whole grains, nuts, and dried fruits.

Five Benefits of Using Nutrition Bars for Snacking

Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars Effectively Help with Weight Loss in Type 2 Diabetes

A meta-analysis of several studies on patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity showed that meal replacement bars were significantly helpful in reducing weight. But they must be incorporated with behavior-modifying strategies to bring about the desired results with consistent use. Subjects in the experimental group were given a meal replacement bar or a nutrition bar as a snack. Whereas, the control group was allowed to make the conventional meal and snacking choices. The experimental group showed a significant drop in weight. 

Their pathological biomarkers are also dropped, which may curb fatal disease progression. Diabetes-containing nutrient bars with high soy content and fiber were more effective at weight loss. 

Low and Moderate Glycemic Index Nutrient Bars Improve Performance 

Low glycemic index nutrition bars are made from legumes. They have been consumed by athletes before endurance training to boost performance. Comparative studies and meta-analyses of several studies showed that low and moderate Glycemic Index nutrient bars regulated metabolism better. This is because of the slow release of insulin after consuming low-Glycemic index nutrient bars. The body is tricked into oxidizing and catabolizing fats for energy. Thus, releasing more energy with every cycle of breakdown in comparison with carbohydrates that produce a lower amount of ATP with each cycle. Endurance trainers performed better for a longer duration after consuming a pre-workout low-Glycemic Index nutrient bar. Low glycemic index bars also improved next-day performance compared to moderate glycemic index bars. Hence, making them the best pre-workout snacks. 

Date Nutrition Bars are an Excellent Source of Energy 

Nutrient bars are made through extensive research. Date bars have been grabbing everyone’s attention because of their high protein, carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants, and low-fat content. They are also composed of around fifteen minerals some of which include magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Thus, manufacturers are keen on producing more sports, energy, and nutrient bars containing dates. 

On-the-Go Snacks 

The growing popularity of nutrient bars is usually attributed to their convenience. Unlike other snacks they can easily be carried in your purse or gym bag and consumed on the way. We’re living a busy life and always making it in crunch time. People tend to overlook their health and skip food to show up to more important priorities. This contributes to lethargy, brain fog, and decision fatigue at the end of the day. Add this with decreased sleep and you’re setting yourself up for an inevitable crash and burnout. Thus, nutrient bars can at least get you covered when it comes to healthier and easier meal replacements or snacking options. 

Fortified Nutrient Bars Provide More Health Benefits

Research has had a growing interest in the fortification of foods with healthier minerals and nutrients that cannot be consumed on their own due to their volatile, foul-smelling, or bitter-tasting properties. One of such several studies showed that breakfast bars fortified with α-Linolenic acid, l-tyrosine, l-theanine, vitamins, minerals, and 21.5 mg of caffeine showed an increase in cognition and mood regulation in the test subjects. After having fortified breakfast bars the children in the research become progressively more alert, attentive, with better executive function and cognition. Thus, fortified nutrient bars are becoming increasingly popular for not only enhancing physical performances but also boosting cognitive application. Soon enough, fortified breakfast bars shall be a staple breakfast item. 

In conclusion, nutrient bars are the ideal snacks for maintaining weight through meal replacement, for instant energy before working out, and for boosting performance during workouts. They are easily portable snacks that do not require any preparation time.