Does Wearing a Knee Sleeve Work Well?

The self-prescription of knee sleeve is very common in amateur sports. In fact, there are situations in which the use is correct and other situations in which the use is totally contraindicated. In this post we are not referring to impact protection knee pads, such as those used by volleyball athletes, for example. The object of this post is the knee sleeves used in stabilizing the joint during sports.

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First we go to the bio-mechanical concept:

The knee sleeve is intended to restore or assist in the stability of the knee joint. It has no function in the withdrawal or decrease of load of the joint.

If the sleeve cannot reduce the load on the joint, there is no indication in the injuries caused by body weight. On the other hand, in injuries that generate instability, the sleeves have their best indication.

Types of knee sleeves:

There are several types of sleeves in the market such as short, long, adaptable, tailor-made, hinged or hinged models.

Some models are simpler and others more complex, with very effective stabilization mechanisms.

When is use indicated?

Basically in any ligament injury the use of the sleeve will be indicated. The ligament lesions lead to instability of the joint, being quite effective the use of the sleeve in this case.

When not indicated?

In meniscal injuries, for example, there is no great benefit in the use of the knee, since the axial load is the main factor responsible for the injury. The cartilage lesions between the femur and the tibia also have no indication for the use of knee sleeve.

When can it hurt?

Cartilage lesions between the patella and the femur may be made worse by the use of knee sleeves due to the increased pressure between the two bones.

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