Summer Weight Loss: Benefits and How to Achieve Them

The blistering hot Indian summer is already upon us, but rather than shying away from the blazing sun, you can make it your friend and use the advantages of the summer season to achieve your weight loss goals. If you’re trying to lose weight, doing so during the summer season may prove to be the most effective.

There are many studies that show that soaring temperatures, increased fluid intake and an abundance of nutrients in summer foods make it slightly easier for us to lose weight. Still don’t believe us? Then read on to know more about how summer can help you achieve your target weight.


Benefits of Summer in Weight Loss

You automatically eat less during the summer

You may have already noticed that your appetite during summer is far lesser than in winter. Your body has to generate more heat during winter to keep it warm. And those extra calories that are needed come from an increased appetite when the climate is cold.

In summer it’s the total opposite. Your body is already warm enough and hence you prefer light foods like summer fruits, veggies and salads. You find that you’re full even after small meals. This will directly speed up your weight loss and help you lose more weight.

An abundance of nutritious fruits and vegetables

Plants require abundant sunlight, and hence it’s only natural that the most nutritious, vibrant and delicious fruits and vegetables are harvested in summer. When you visit the market in summer, you’ll find fresh produce that’s also easy on the pocket. You’ll prefer these nutritious veggies to other heavy and high-carb or fat foods. This will significantly improve your diet and help you lose weight.

You drink more water

Water is the great appetite killer. Drinking water is known to reduce your appetite, which is why it is advised to drink enough water for weight loss. You’re already guzzling down bottles of water during summer to keep yourself cool and hydrated.

This has the added effect of filling your stomach and naturally reducing your appetite. Now there’s a solid reason why summertime may be the best time to lose weight.

You may prefer swimming more during the summers

As far as exercising during summer is concerned, we may prefer cardio workouts that keep us cool. And what better way to do that than an intense splash in the pool? We may be reluctant to head into the pool during winter, fearing the cold water.

But the summer heat will naturally push us towards swimming exercises. And we know that swimming is one of the best cardio workouts out there. You can reduce weight by swimming butterfly and other similar strokes.

You lose water weight in sweat

When you exercise, your body heats up. And more so during the summer. Sweating is our body’s way of decreasing our body temperature. Sweat is mostly water, and hence we end up losing a lot of water when exercising during summer.

This also means that you end up losing a bit of weight when you lose water. However, you must hydrate accordingly to restore your water balance.

The above reasons make summer the best season to lose weight. Usually, weight loss can be a herculean effort that requires you to fight your appetite. But in summer, the heat and sun may be slightly in your favour, allowing you to eat less and ensure weight loss.

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Q: Can summer heat help with weight loss?

Yes. Summer heat creates conditions that are better suited for weight loss. Your appetite decreases during summers and you prefer light and nutritious foods, leading to weight loss.

Q: What are some easy summer weight loss tips?

Here are some easy summer weight loss tips:

– Drink plenty of water as it fills up your stomach and reduces appetite.

– Go swimming because swimming reduces weight while helping you stay cool during summer.

– Consume enough summer fruits and vegetables because they have low carbs, are more nutritious, are cooler on the body and are more filling.

Q: How to stay motivated during summer weight loss?

Weight loss routines will require plenty of motivation on your part. In summer, the heat may be slightly in your favour. For extra motivation during summer motivation, use the following tips:

– Set a disciplined weight loss routine.

– Measure your own progress instead of comparing it with others.

– Keep process goals instead of target weights. For example, instead of setting yourself a target weight of 80 kg, set a goal of exercising 4 times a week. Your target will be automatically achieved if you simply follow your process goals.