Fun Facts about Singapore Pilates Group Classes

Whether you are a beginner or you have been into fitness for several years, Singapore Pilates group classes can give you amazing returns. Pilates group classes will not only help you to take your fitness to the next level, but also improve your overall health while allowing you to gain new skills. Group sessions can also get you through the toughest periods of your life by allowing you to immerse yourself into rejuvenating exercises and share your experiences with members of your Pilates group. Here are some fun facts about Singapore Pilates group classes.

Fun-Facts-about Singapore-Pilates-Group-Classes

(1) Pilates group classes encourage a sense of community: Pilates group classes are not just workout sessions but also social occasions. In the classes, participants talk, share experiences and look forward to catching up with one another every week. The daily or weekly conversations in the classes make members to feel less lonely even when going through tough times in their lives. Likewise, members can hang out after classes or studio appointments, taking their relationships to another level. Indeed, when made up of individuals with similar motivations, group Pilates classes can be a good way to bond with other people with common goals and similar experiences.

(2) Pilates group classes encourage accountability: Well, after resolving to take Pilates classes, you may think that you will always be motivated to attend classes till you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, you will not be self-motivated for long and a time will come when your enthusiasm dwindles or your priorities change and taking your classes will become a bit of a bother. But when you are a member of a group, just the fact that other members of the group will notice your absence can provide a strong motivation to attend classes. And when you fail to show up, members of your group will most likely text, call or write emails to you asking you why you were not in class. This will not only hold you accountable for class attendance but will also provide extra motivation to work hard on days when you are down.

(3) Pilates group classes challenge individuals to the next level: When taking private Pilates classes, you may give up when you feel overwhelmed or slow down when feeling tired. But in group classes, the sight of seeing your classmates moving to the next level will motivate you to try as hard as you can to reach that level. For beginners, those who get bored easily and those who hate strenuous workouts, Singapore Pilates group classes provide the necessary competitive atmosphere for them to push themselves harder than they can go when alone. Besides, working harder to keep pace with group members will enable you to get the most from your workouts.


(4) Pilates group classes help individuals to learn new skills, discover their strengths and build their confidence: In Pilates group classes, you will work with the others to become more coordinated, more informed and more confident. Each time you lead with correct leg or turn in the right way, your self-esteem will be enhanced. Likewise, the group Pilates class can help you to become more flexible and discover your unused ability to dance, or to improve how you perform in certain things like high kicks and jumping. Similarly, the classes will force you to talk about your body, focus on your appearance, push yourself out of your comfort zone regularly and be more confident about yourself. For instance, after Pilates Singapore group classes you will be more at ease when giving presentations, teaching workshops or going for interviews.

(5) Pilates Singapore group classes are, simply, fun: Pilates group classes are truly enjoyable. Each week, you will learn exciting exercises that not only challenge you to move to the next level, but will also encourage you to show up and give your best every time. The spirit of friendly competition will push you not only to achieve your fitness goals but also to enjoy every moment you complete a move correctly. Most often, the classes will be full of smiles and laughter as the instructor guides group members through the moves. Of course, there is always something delightful about being in a room full of people who are flapping their arms, hopping around and stepping in a kind-of unison. And what if as you are trying to reach for the door, you accidentally grab another woman’s butt? Well, it is embarrassing, but also hilarious!