Disorders of Ejaculation

Due to the anatomical differences between men and women, their sexual experiences are vastly different as well. Men have to worry about first getting enough stimulation to be aroused. Then comes the challenge of getting an erection, followed by ejaculating correctly.

All three domains can have issues therein, resulting in sexual dysfunction. Just as low sex drive and erectile dysfunction are caused due to physical and psychological factors, disorders of ejaculation are also associated with physical, behavioral, and mental problems.


The normal trajectory

The normal circumstances, ejaculation is controlled by adrenaline. It starts when the emission phase is triggered by the autonomic nervous system. The nerves then stimulate the prostate gland to contract and release its secretions into the urethra. Similarly, muscles of the other glands, vas deferens and seminal vesicle also contract, sending their secretions into urethra.

Then, as climax nears, the muscles of the neck of the bladder get contracted so that semen is not misdirected in to the bladder. The muscles of the pelvic region and penis start contract as well, to expel the semen from the urethra, and out of the body. However, as your Sexologist in Lahore will also tell you, if this trajectory is not followed, issues ensue.

Ejaculation disorders result when any of the steps go awry. The 5 primary disorders and problems are:

Premature Ejaculation

As the name suggests, premature ejaculation occurs when the men ejaculate before the desired time. It can occur just as one gets minimal stimulation. Usually, it occurs just as men penetrate, due to which neither of the two are satiated.

It may happen once in a blue moon, but it is a matter of concern when it is a recurrent theme. Although some of it can be chalked to inexperience, however, there may be diseases or conditions that are behind premature ejaculation.

Psychological factors can also cause this problem. Moreover, conditions like diabetes, prostatitis can also lead to premature ejaculation. Good news is, there are plenty of treatment options for premature ejaculation.

Behavioral therapy is one, in which men learn to orient their response to stimulation. Pause and squeeze, ‘start-stop’ method, Kegel exercises are some examples. However, these techniques are time-consuming, and work when conducted under the supervision of an expert.

Medicines can also be used as a cure. Some antidepressants are shows to be effective, but they do have side-effects of their own. Desensitizing gels and agents also decrease the stimulation of the penis, and thus elongate the climax time.

Delayed Ejaculation

Also known as retarded ejaculation, it occurs when ejaculation is delayed, and one does not achieve sexual satisfaction as a result. Some men may not be able to orgasm at all. There may be odd occurrences here and there, but it may also be a perpetual condition in some men.

One of the reasons for delayed ejaculation is medication. Anti-depressants, antipsychotic, antiseizure medicines are often the cause. Psychological problems, chronic ailments like diabetes, neurological disorders that affect sensation in the penis, alcohol abuse, birth defects, hormonal issues, prostate surgery, infections, use of diuretics etc. are some other causes of delayed ejaculation.

The treatment in contingent on the underlying cause of the problem.

Retrograde Ejaculation

In retrograde ejaculation, semen is not passed into the urethra, but instead goes into the bladder, which is why it is referred to as dry ejaculation a well. The most profound impact of retrograde ejaculation is on the fertility of men. It does not affect the pleasure however.

There are multiple causes of retrograde ejaculation. The issue may be congenital, whereby the anatomical problems prevent the normal outflow of the semen. It may also be caused due to neurological issues.

Damage to the nerves prevents the signal from getting to the muscles of the bladder, due to which the neck of the bladder remains open, which causes semen to flow into bladder instead. Nerve damage is common in diabetes and retroperitoneal surgery as well.

Pharmacological problems can also be cause retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, the muscles of the neck of the bladder are paralyzed. Medication like alpha blocker, chronic ailments like hypertension, complications like prostate surgery are also causes of dry ejaculation.

Reduced or absent Ejaculations

Lack of sufficient semen or complete absence is another disorder. It is mostly caused due to age. Problems of the spinal cord may also be behind reduced ejaculation. Similarly, certain prostate cancer treatments may also be behind this disorder.


Painful or bloody Ejaculation

During ejaculation, men might also have blood in the semen. It may also be accompanied with pain. The blood may either be fresh blood, which appears as red, and old blood, which appears as brown.

There are numerous problems that might be behind the presence of blood in semen. Prostate disorders like prostatitis, BHP, cancer, or other conditions like stones, cysts, vascular abnormalities can lead to bloody semen.

Thus, men should visit an expert like urologist or Sexologist in Karachi for treatment about this painful condition.