Could Stress Cause Infertility?

The fact is that Psychological stress is often found associated with Infertility. The question, however, is, “does stress cause infertility, or does infertility cause stress?”

It is easy to understand that anyone who has Infertility or taking Assisted Reproduction treatment (ART) would naturally have some degree of anxiety that may cause emotional stress.

The difficulties faced by an infertility couple couldn’t be explained in the word. This infertility situation affects not only family and friends relationships but also the relationship between couples. Stress individuals cannot cause Infertility. It also represses the woman’s capacity to conceive.

Could Stress Cause Infertility

Apart from this, stress also has a negative impact by delaying the time needed to attain pregnancy. Some studies have shown that women are taking In-vitro Fertilization results that stress factor minimizes pregnancy rate. It is nearly essential to understand the causes of Infertility could be stressed. This is widely believed to be accurate but scientific studies do not support this belief unequivocally.

The direct link between stress and Infertility is unknown. When you’re feeling worried or stressed, the nervous system delivers hormones such as cortisol, which causes adverse reactions like high blood pressure or raised heart rate. In some cases, women notice delayed periods when they experience high levels of stress. In this way, yes, tension could affect fertility. However, this is not a long term condition, and fertility will be renewed after anxiety and stress are controlled.

As our senior Dr. Shweta Goswami, who is one of the best IVF doctor in Noida, shares her personal opinion on this question:

  1. Emotional stress can perform devastation with metabolic irregularity, essentially, Thyroid and insulin. Both of these hormones perform a vital role in fertility.
  2. Emotional stress can negatively affect ovulation.
  3. The underlying PCOS problems, whose common sequelae are Infertility, are nutritional, Metabolic, and hormonal imbalances. These underlying factors also cause constant stress. Hence constant pressure and Infertility may often be found to co-exist.
  4. Irrespective of the truth that it has not been conclusively proved that stress can cause Infertility, I try to identify constant stress parameters in individuals who seek my treatment for Infertility and treat the same.
  5. No doubt Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can significantly reduce emotional stress levels. This can be confirmed through appropriate serial Lab Tests.

How can you handle the Stress of Infertility?

  • Please speak with your partner about your feelings and needs and allow your partner to share his feelings. Talk regarding your differences without any conflict.
  • Have a conversation with other people who are all going through infertility issues. Fully understand your medical system and ask your question regarding treatment options.
  • Another relaxation response can be acquired when your body gets in deep rest. To get this relaxation response, you have to follow specific techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, etc. This type of method will surely help you to handle any stress that is linked with Infertility.
  • There are several ways to handle this by getting a break from making a baby, recognizing the difference between work and fun sex, and learning sensual contact that will not result in getting conceive.

Managing your stress will not appear in your fertility problem’s success rate, but will give you a lively vibrant. The infertility couple who are included in the mind/body program are able to get conceive easily. If you would like to take infertility treatment then please connect with one of the best IVF doctor in Delhi for better treatment and suggestions.