E Cig: The Modern Solution to Smoking

While the people of the world are fully aware of the harm and dangers that come from smoking tobacco, millions of Americans continue this deadly habit on a daily basis. There isn’t an organ in the body that isn’t placed under additional stress and potential harm when smoking cigarettes. Despite this large number of smokers, more than 70 percent of those people want to quit.


Of course, quitting smoking is usually much, much harder than it sounds. More than 40 percent of smokers in America say that have tried to quit in the last year, but they failed. However, a small percentage of people are actually quitting. Numbers show a decrease in tobacco sales of more than 10 percent.

This decrease in sales came right after the country increased the average cigarette tax, yet it’s not really the price that can be blamed for helping people quit. It played a big role, but perhaps a bigger role was played by the introduction and popularity of electronic cigarettes. The smokeless tobacco market is steadily climbing as the traditional smoking market falls.

What Are E Cigs?

E cigs, or electronic cigarettes, were originally developed in China. In 2007, they first made their way to the American market. Many of the e cigs are designed to look just like a traditional cigarette. These are known as “pen vapers” to many people.

They use the term “vapers” because the e cigs actually vaporize a liquid to create the impression of smoking a cigarette. The liquid is usually a simple mixture of nicotine, vegetable oil, and some form of flavoring. There is no actual tobacco and no actual smoke. Instead, the mixture is vaporized into a fine mist containing nicotine, which is then inhaled just like a normal cigarette.

How Do They Work.

Most e cigarettes share the same fundamental design principals. There is an atomizer, which is where the heating element is contained. A cartomizer is simply a disposable cartridge with an atomizer inside. Cartomizers are designed to resemble the filter of a cigarette and the battery looks like the paper and tobacco.

People inhale through a hole at the end of the cartomizer. In some ecigs, this triggers an automatic pressurized switch. Other e cigs require the user to press a button. In either case, when the button is pressed, the heating element begins working. It also usually triggers an LED at the other end of the e-cig. This is to give the impression of a burning cigarette.

As the heating element heats, it turns the nicotine liquid (which was previously poured into the cartomizer.) to heat and vaporizer. The user then inhales this and gets their nicotine fix. E-cig juice can come in a variety of flavors as well as nicotine levels.

Use It To Quit.

The varying nicotine levels helps users slowly lower their dependency on nicotine. Every so often, they can decrease the nicotine level until there is eventually no nicotine used at all. This has helped millions of people across the globe give up their unfortunate habit.