Is Every Organic Product a Result of GMO? K/w GMO Organic Food Systems

These days while shopping at any departmental stores you may have witnessed some items are labeled as GMO-free or non-GMO organic food. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a result of a chemical process performed at a genetic level. In involves a process that incubates the useful traits from DNA of one organism and blends it with another, resulting in several new GMO foods products from varieties of plants and animals. Such kind of organism are not found in nature and can only be made in laboratories found in nature. Talking about the broader aspect, genetic engineering is prohibited in as far as food and other organic items are concerned due to the lack of assured of these items.


Many folks are of the notion that either Organic or GMO is the same thing or either they believe that every organic item is developed by a process known as GMO. However, the latter notion is totally incorrect. Several organic farmers are adopting various measures to prevent the drift of non-GMO organic foods from the farms in their vicinity. Besides this, the processors also distinguish the organic ingredients from non-organic ingredients while they are purchasing, storing or even processing. USDA-accredited (an organization to keep the check on eatables) certifying agents known as CCOF as assigned with the task to verify that those involved in the organic production are producing items free from GMOs and whether they have adopted effective strategies related to drift of such products. If in any production area GMOs are detected, then CCOF is supposed and bound  by law to conduct an investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to determine that how the violation of organic farming is carried and what will be its consequences.

As a whole, the world is adopting several preventions and devising new rules to keep their items secure from GMO food systems.