Why Colon Cleanse

24 year ago my health was so bad that if you could find anything in the sickness book I probably had it, kidney was bad, liver was bad, had hepatitis, blood pressure was 189/120. I was on 3 different medications for blood pressure and about 7 more to deal with the side effects of my BP medication.

Anything more than a little droplet of poo after 7 days of waiting to go was like heaven sent poo. I would look at it and sing, knowing that the next one might be a 3 week wait which could be a anus teaser. Yes i was badly constipated for a long time. If I took a medicine for one thing, I was almost sure to developed an adverse side effect for something worse. I had one doctor that I had been with for a long time and was seeing many specialists for many conditions.


A friend that had done a best colon cleanse and knew how badly I was doing bought me a colon cleanse treatment and said Herman this will save your life. I discussed it with my partner at the time, who thought that the worst case scenario was that it would kill me faster than the cocktail of drugs and pain killers that I was taking.

The next morning, like the little Gump that I was, I ran to my doctor to get his advice on whether or not I should take the colon cleanser. My doctor talked it down so much to the point that I almost felt that he was no longer advising but giving me an ultimatum not to take it. Then he said “would you like me to dispose of it for you”. That got me very angry. I took the bottle from him and opened it. It contained 3 capsules, I poured it all in my mouth and forced the empty bottle back in his palm. “Would you please kindly dispose of this for me”. With a triumphant smile I walked out of his office. If I was going to die, I wasn’t going to do so as a yes doc man. I was free.

By the time I drove 10 blocks my throat was burning. I hadn’t even bothered reading the instruction or prescription for my weight. I drank the recommended 2 glasses of water 20 minutes later but could not do anything about the 2 additional capsules overdose. My throat burnt, I cramped, I had lumps coming out with my faeces and when my partner was not looking I cried.

Going back to the doctor or an emergency was not an option. I settled down to face faith, not to necessarily to get better but if I was going to die, I was going to do so on my own terms. Exactly 24 hours after I took the capsules, I stopped going to the toilet. Toward the end the water coming out of my butt was so clear; it looked like my system had filtered it and brought it out cleaner than it went in. I fell asleep and when I woke up my partner was sitting by my side with tears in her eyes. For a brief moment I thought maybe I was been mourned but that quickly changed when she started touching my face. She told me that I had been asleep and snoring for almost 16 hour. Then I realized why she was crying when she pointed to my pants. My penis was standing erect. I couldn’t control the tears. Acute erectile dysfunction was something else that I had taking over 20 different medications for and was currently seeing a very expensive specialist. I couldn’t remember sleeping 3 hours straight without waking up to take pain killers.

We had not been intimate for more than 4 years but she wanted to take a walk and we did. Everything felt different, the way my feet was touching the ground, the wind on my face, as if I was feeling a lot of this for the first time. When we got home and I took my blood pressure reading it had gone down drastically from 189/118 to 125/84. Sugar level was down by 15 points and the digital scale said i weighed 11 pounds less than a couple of days before. I knew right then that I was on my way to complete wellness

That was 24 years ago

I haven’t seen a doctor since or taking anymore chemical drugs. That first cleanse saved my life. I bumped into my old doctor about 2 years later (the one that used to pump me with so much pills that I couldn’t burp without smelling like a toxic waste factory). His first words were “oh my God Herman you look so well” preceded by “I mean it God you really really look very very well” he said it so many more times that I became convinced that he must have written me off as a gonna back in the days when he was my only hope.

I decide to do this review? Partially to inform those reading about my personal experience with colon cleansing and partially because I got so angry watching my old doctor from many years ago on our local TV talking such a load of Bull about the dangers of cleansing your colon and how there is no prove that any benefit what so ever can be derived from a colon cleanse. Word for word almost the same thing he said to me before my first cleanse.

Since my first cleanse I have cleansed consistently and used every method, products and home-made remedies  in this colon cleanse review, all of which have made me healthier and happier than when I was not cleansing. I think back just a few days before my initial colon cleanse and I had 2 cabinets filled with all sorts of pills. After that initial cleanse I felt as if the whole world of sickness had been lifted off my shoulders My been in wellness now consist of my diet, lifestyle changes that i have made and I use a couple remedies that i use like an extension of my diet for maintenance and prevention.

Based on the fact that i have been getting a lot of stick for not revealing or reviewing the product brand that brought me back to wellness, that cleanse is now reviewed in 5 Better Colon Cleansers that are not very popular