6 Practical Solutions to Detoxify

With daily unbalanced food full of fat and sugar, the results are inflamed cells, low resistance, fatigue, opaque skin and extra weight. The body naturally eliminates toxins through perspiration, respiration, feces and urine. But sometimes the accumulation of these substances is so great that it is necessary to give a kick to a detoxifying diet. Are you ready?


  1. Avoid industrialized

In detoxification, even the light version of the industrialized sauces should be eliminated from the menu because it has a lot of sodium and fat. Stay with the natural seasonings. The apple cider vinegar and lemon, for example, bring antioxidants and strengthen immunity, leaving the most active body against toxins.

  1. Try the green banana flour

It is famous for favoring the intestinal flora. And this has to do with the type of starch, which arrives intact in the gut and produces substances that feed the beneficial bacteria and form a barrier against the intruders.

  1. Bet on citrus fruits

The group of acerola, kiwi, cashew, lemon and orange, through a compound called limonoid, causes the liver to release more toxins from the body. This effect can be achieved with the fruit consumed in preparation of fish, juices or salads.

  1. Eat raw foods

At least 50% of the meal dish should have fresh and raw choices. That way, you guarantee the intake of a good amount of detoxifying items like fiber and water.

  1. Place a leaf of cabbage on the menu

In the salad, in the juice or braised, it stimulates the enzymes that neutralize the toxins. It is worth remembering that vegetables are still rich in B-complex vitamins, which facilitate the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

  1. Detoxifying tea

In addition to using above tips, drinking Detox Tea daily can boost the body detoxification process. It includes all natural substances.