Is the Juice Detox Movement a Fad?

Several months ago, one fine day, I started to feel unwell and I didn’t feel like eating. Naturally, I was very irritable. For a couple of days, I took it as work-related stress and hence, increased the consumption of coffee in my routine.

Sadly, my situation was still the same and I was pretty miserable.weight-loss

This made me rush to my family doctor who talked with me about my diet. He suggested that I move to a more natural diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and little meat. His view was that most of us eat foods that are not found in our ancestor’s diet, things that humans have been processing and metabolizing for thousands of years. Instead, we eat processed foods, artificial flavors, and questionable ingredients from unknown sources.

Improve your diet, he suggested, and your condition will improve.

Weeks earlier, I’d watched a documentary about juicing called ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’, where the individual had struggled with weight and a host of medical issues, only to have his life transformed by going on a juice diet.

I caved and bought a basic juicer.

The next hurdle I faced was that I struggled to buy the right fruits and vegetables every week because I hadn’t developed the habit of shopping for produce consistently.

What I learned from my juicing detoxification experiment

What I learned through this process of drinking more juices was that an average person like me consumes hundreds of chemicals every day in the form of certain food and drinks but, everybody remains unaware about the fact they may cause some serious damage to their body in the process.

As a result, we land up gaining excess weight or building harmful toxins in our body.

One way I found to flush out the existence of harmful toxins from my body, maintaining good internal health, and improving the condition of my digestive tract was to supplement my juicing regimen with juice cleanses by Good Cleansing, which allowed me to get different flavors of juice along with different minerals and vitamins that may have been lacking in my personal juicing diet.

The use of natural ingredients is important to a healthy digestive system and additions to juices like hemp seed, flax seed, bee pollen, kelp, can accentuate the healthy benefits derived from a juice-based diet. Each and every ingredient in a good juice detox will provide effective results, but a collective effort of these elements is what matters the most.

These elements work towards reducing your irritable bowel syndromes, relieving constipation, lowering your cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart diseases and acting as an important source of your dietary fiber. Improving your digestion process, strengthening your immune system and managing your desired weight are also a part of a juice detox diet.

I don’t think that juicing detox diets are a fad, but their popularity seems related to an increased awareness about how nutrition affects health. Having more information at our fingertips, as well as better access to juicing companies, is driving the trend.

Of course, nutrition is not a “one size fits all” approach since the measurement and achievement of a healthy status is unique to each person. So you should consult your doctor before embarking on a juicing detox regimen. That said, if you are looking for a simple way to get started, give a look at Good Cleansing juices.