8 Herbs and Spices that Support Weight Loss

Most of us are stuck in the idea that leaving junk food and having a protein overdose along with green plates may reduce our weight. Well it does of course, but along with these and a proper workout, we can take certain herbs and spices that contribute to our weight loss. There are some herbs and spices that have incredible potential to help you reach your weight-loss goals. Following are eight herbs and spices that can help you to speed up your weight reduction.

Support Weight Loss


  • Ginseng  


One of the most effective herbs is Ginseng, which has rightly been called as “The King of Herbs” owing to its many health benefits.  Ginseng increases energy levels and speeds up metabolism. Korean Red Ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, has several weight loss benefits. In one study, panax ginseng extract was given to diabetic, obese mice. After 12 days, improvements were seen in insulin sensitivity and a significant reduction in weight was noticed. Korean ginseng is originally white in color. Steaming of fresh white roots results in red ginseng. Korean Red Ginseng prevents weight gain by reducing cholesterol and glucose in blood. It reduces the fat but keeps the angiogenesis intact. Thus, when we measure BMI, we can see a rapid reduction of fat.


  • Cinnamon


The next healthy herb is cinnamon. It contains fiber and calcium. You can take cinnamon with lemon and honey, or can have cinnamon water. Other option is to simply sprinkle it in your tea or coffee in place of sugar, mix it with juices or protein shakes or add it in your food when cooking. Cinnamon decreases blood sugar, increases metabolism, lowers the LDL cholesterol, suppresses appetite, and lowers belly fat efficiently.


  • Yerba Mate


Made from the aged and dried up mate plant, it contains polyphenols and xanthenes including caffeine. It lowers blood sugar and helps relieve diabetes. It is a mood boosting energy drink that shoots up your energy level keeping you fresh round the clock. You may consume it as tea or use it with drinks.


  • Coelus Forskohlii


Many of us may not know that Coulus Forskohlii has roots that help in strengthening the heart muscles. It contains thyroid stimulating Forskohlin and is the source of Adenosine triphosphate which keeps you energized. You can have it as pickles, with tea or a teaspoonful in lime juice.


  • Dandelion


Dandelion is an edible herb that helps to reduce water weight by increasing urination. It contains detoxifying compounds that stimulate the kidneys to release more fluids from the body, precisely, the water weight. It is available in various forms like tablets, capsules, tea, tincture etc. Dandelion tea is very easy to consume and helps in satiating the stomach right before meals.  Detoxification and debloating helps in regaining the balance in BMI. It is generally taken as a supplement by body builders.


  • Turmeric


Turmeric, which has been used through centuries in cooking in India, is a powerful weight loss supporter. Turmeric power has Curcumin which is responsible for melting fat. It also contains volatile oil, potassium, sodium, omega 3 fatty acids, and a-linolenic acid.  It prevents fat accumulation and hastens weight loss. Turmeric also turns white Adipose tissues to brown, which prevents obesity. Turmeric is a thermogenic substance. It also helps to lower down the bad cholesterol and reduce inflammation. Available easily in any grocery store, it is usually used as a paste in cooking and its powder may also be consumed with milk and juices. However, consuming turmeric in empty stomach should be avoided.


  • Black pepper


Black pepper is rich in Piperine and helps in preventing fat cell proliferation. By increasing fat metabolism, it also creates bioavailability of other nutrients. It helps in maintaining a healthy gut by boosting up immunity. It is a toxin remover and adds up to the glow of your skin. You can consume 1-2 teaspoon of black pepper regularly. You can mix it with honey, Kale smoothie or spread up on your chicken salad.  Consumed habitually, it gives you a toned body.


  • Garlic


If you want to lose the fat around waistline, Garlic is the herb for you. Garlic puts down hunger because of acillin and helps in fighting Candida overgrowth.  It regulates the ups and downs of sugar level that cause sweet cravings. Garlic is also an effective diuretic and thus having one a day would be the best option. You can add up its paste in your dishes while cooking.

The best part about these herbs and spices is that they are easily available and are not difficult to consume. Not much processing is needed for taking them. So what are you waiting for? Start adding these healthy herbs in your diet and experience better health and well-being.