Brighter Image Lab, Adding a New Life to Your Smile

Are you afraid of doing something to enlighten your smile? Brighter Image Lab™
 Is pleased to present you its revolutionary solution, the Press on Veneers.  These Removable Veneers are the ideal solution which lets you preview your final restoration look and gives you a breathtaking smile. It’s a temporary custom dental appliance which is made of Copolyester material which can be compared to brux guard fabricated with Erkodent. If you are curious for why do you need it, let the following sink in

  • It needs no bonding and no Cementing
  • It can be worn while eating
  • It’s easy to remove and comfortable to wear
  • There is no need of shots or drilling

The Difference it makes


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About Brighter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab opened its door in 1997, it’s a Fort Worth based company in Texas. Since its establishment, it fixed more than 300,000 smiles. This brand uses state of art technology to give their clients a new life with the Press On veneers which doesn’t need any dentist. For the ultimate convenience, each veneer is carefully crafted to fit the client.

These Veneers are garnering critical acclaim and it went on to become the first choice of people which is within their means. It’s a convenient alternative to dentists as they can offer veneers, but it will cost thrice as much and the subject will need to visit office from time to time.

Introducing Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab

Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab doesn’t need any dentists visit, yes you don’t need to worry about any X-rays, shots, grinding or pain, plus these are easily reversible. Now you can improve your smile without spending a fortune for fixing your teeth.

Yes, you can easily redesign and straighten your smile, all by covering the gapped, chipped and missing teeth.  Now you don’t have to let broken, misaligned or crooked teeth kill your self-esteem, you are better than it and you better show the world.  Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab can help you with this. If you want to know how, check on this video.

So whatever your case is, are you afraid to smile just because of your teeth or you don’t have the budget for a high end cosmetic dentist treatment. Well whatever your story is, Brighter Image Lab can provide a happy ending to it according to your needs and your teeth.