The Best Supplement for Fat Burning

When the goal is to burn fat everyone appears with a miracle formula, from remedies, diets, to sympathies. There are many products at Bestkenko today that promise to help lower your fat percentage, but most users are not sure what some substances do in their bodies or what is best suited for their goals.

There are 6 types of fat burners and each act in a very specific way on your body. The key is to choose the best fat burner for you and, in certain cases, use some combinations to maximize results. Let’s go to them!



In the line and front of the fat burners are the so famous thermogenics. Thermogenic supplements available at Bestkenko are usually a combination of many substances whose main purpose is to accelerate metabolism and increase body temperature. Generally the substances found in thermogenics are Yohimbe, Synephrine HLC and Caffeine; however some products use in their formulas Ephedrine, which for some people is not indicated.

Some supplements on the market do not take these substances into their formulas, but they are not as effective.

Carbohydrate blockers

The next fat burner on our list is carbohydrate blocker. Anyone who has ever dieting once in a lifetime knows that carbohydrates are the big problem, after all the modern diet is practically all based on this macronutrient that is, virtually everything you eat is carbohydrate.

Any product that slows the absorption of carbohydrates will help you to have better results in your diet by helping to burn fat. And that’s where the carbohydrate blockers come in!

Appetite inhibitors

Do you want to lose weight but cannot see a bar of chocolate, or a loaf of bread that has already gone up? Well, if you fit that description, the appetite suppressants were tailor made for you.

Let’s face it, it is impossible to lose weight and burn localized fat. That does not exist! Weight loss is pure math; if you need 1500 calories a day to live and eat 3000 you will gain weight. And that’s where appetite suppressants can help you!

Fat blockers

Fat blockers act just like the carbohydrate blockers, preventing the digestion of the fat that you consume. By decreasing the absorption of fat, you decrease the number of calories you eat, which will lead you to burn body fat and lose weight. The main ingredient of fat blockers available at Bestkenko is Chitosan. Chitosan is a substance that binds easily to fat and prevents it from being absorbed into your intestine by sending it straight out of your body.

Thyroid regulators

Few know, but you may be overweight from a problem with thyroid. Thyroid hormones are essential to keep your metabolism in balance and thus not gain weight. Other symptoms of thyroid problems include: a strange tiredness that never goes away and the feeling of being cold all the time.

To solve this problem you need to activate your thyroid gland again. Some products usually have yet other ingredients that help increase your metabolic rate in addition to keeping your thyroid working properly.