Side Sleeper Pillow with a Hole

Do you or anyone you know suffer from ear pain, pressure sores or chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis, aka CNH? Perhaps you know somebody who has just had ear or head surgery and is finding it difficult to sleep because of ear pain? If you do then you should introduce them to the Original Pillow With A Hole. Our pillows are crafted by a collection of lovely local ladies in Macclesfield, England, and are guaranteed to provide relief from a variety of ear conditions.


The Original P.W.A.H™ is designed  for  side  sleepers   and   is   in    fact    the     ideal
side sleeper pillow with a hole. Sleeping on your side night after night can be damaging for your ear, especially if you’re elderly. Eventually the skin on your ear will break down and you will develop a pressure sore that is very difficult to treat. Conventional treatment such as creams and surgery do not appear to be effective, judging from the feedback I have received from our customers. The only way to treat ear sores is by using a side sleeper pillow with a hole. The hole is the most important part because it removes the source of friction and pressure that has been plaguing the ear and was at the very root of the problem. Only once the ear is allowed to heal free from the friction of a conventional pillow will conditions such a CNH ultimately resolve.

The Original Pillow With A Hole is made from quality poplin cotton and is filled with hypoallergenic hollow-fibre stuffing which is perfect for people with allergies. Please note that we no longer offer different firmness ratings because we found that the choice of a hard or soft pillow became redundant. Striking a balance between comfort and support is difficult and we endeavor to make each and every pillow as comfortable and as supporting as the last. Consistency is key and therefore it doesn’t matter if you choose a soft or hard pillow – Your Original P.W.A.H™ guaranteed to be comfortable whilst also helping you heal.