Millions ‘suffer in silence’ with incontinence

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S?r? Elli?tt, of NHS England, ??id: “A l?rg? number of individuals are influenced b? ??lf ??ntr?l i??u??, ??t it is ?n i??u? th?t th?? ?r? ?till ?x????iv?l? humiliated, making it im????ibl? t? discuss.

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Contextual ?n?l??i?: Finding h?l?

J??? Emk?? i? a 55-???r-?ld ?du??t?r wh? lives in Bedford. Her issues with self ??ntr?l b?g?n in 2009 ?ft?r a w?mb ???r?ti?n.

Sh? says: “I didn’t kn?w wh? to ?wing t? for h?l?. In any ????, ?? of l?t? I di???v?r?d th?r? i? a ??lf ??ntr?l benefit l???ll?.”

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“It is an i??u? ?f attempting t? develop ?r???r?d ?nd ?u?lifi?d ?t?ff ?nd d?v?l?? mindfuln???,” she says. “M? lif? has been ?h?ng?d ?n?rm?u?l? ?nd m? prosperity ?? w?ll. In ?n? ????, it i? n?t incomprehensible ?nd it has less demanding ?nd less d?m?nding t? ?d??t.

“With m?r? n?t?w?rth? inf?rm?ti?n ?nd mindfuln??? I f??l a gr??t deal more r??d? t? ?d??t.”

Educate yourself about incontinence and what you can do to improve your quality of life.