Healthy Alternative: Why Drink Low-Lactose Milk?

Today, on the wave of trends, everyone is massively refusing fermented milk products, including milk, replacing it with vegetable or lactose-free. Let’s talk about the latter, is it really useful?

Many stores in NYC as well as restaurants offer different milk options by default. For example, at the iconic eatery Mangia NYC you will be offered both plain, low-lactose or lactose-free milk for your delicious coffee tasting.


It has long been known that lactose is not perceived by an adult organism at all. Moreover, some people even have intolerance to this substance. As a result, bloating, indigestion and diarrhea appear. Most often, people from Asian regions due to their national food menu suffer from such symptoms, but among others, about 20 percent of the population also faces this problem.

But why should everyone, without exception, switch to lactose-free milk for better health and weight control?

Useful properties of low-lactose milk

Low-lactose milk is a godsend for children with lactose intolerance, because the growing body really needs all the beneficial substances that milk contains. Disconnected into individual elements, lactose is easily absorbed by the body.

Lactose-free milk still contains a lot of useful substances necessary for health, among which it is necessary to highlight:

  • Phosphorus for strengthening and shaping bones
  • Calcium for healthy teeth, hair and nails
  • Potassium for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Vitamin D for calcium absorption
  • Protein for muscle tissue and saturation of the body
  • B vitamins for the full functioning of the nervous system and normal metabolism
  • low lactose milk

So, low-lactose milk will retain its value, without lactose. The main thing is not to abuse these products. For a growing body, it is recommended to drink no more than 3 glasses of milk per day, for teenagers and young people – two. And for the elderly, one glass of such a product is enough.

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As for the harm of such milk, no facts are known to this day. The only thing is that such milk is sweeter and a little more caloric than usual. Well, in general, it will bring only benefits and health to your body!