Last Debate on Cell Phone Harmful Radiation

The cell phone health warning debate is almost over. And the message is clear, do not hold your cell phone next to your body. Even cell phone manufacturers no longer hide this fact with warnings published in user manual. In the iPhone’s OS, you can read the same warning. (Settings, General, About, Legal, RF Exposure).

Cute child talking to a cell phone, isolated over whiteThere are several phone cases claiming to block radiation. But let the buyer beware. Not all suppliers seem to know what they are doing when it comes to providing radiation protection.

For example consider Pong Cases. They have sold a lot of cases claiming radiation protection. But upon closer examination we found a major flaw.

Pong Cases is a back mounted cases with an antenna booster gizmo. How does a phone case that snaps on the back of your phone block microwave signals coming out of the front in the path of your head and body? It doesn’t. And even worst, radiation transmitted out of the back of the phone may now be reflected back to the front of the phone directly at your brain. We can only contribute Pong’s success to a large marketing budget to influence the less than savvy consumer.

Cruz Cases ( on the other hand, shows intelligent design and engineering that actually works very well in protecting consumers from cell phone radiation. Here’s why.

The Cruz Case flip case uses a flip lid design. The flip lid is constructed of radiation shielding material that blocks the radiation signal directed at the brain, eyes, ears and other soft tissues. To use, you simply open the protective flip lid to answer or make a call. Then immediately close the lid. Next talk or listen to the conversation through the protect flip lib cover perfectly without any distortion and no interference to the cell tower.

To remain safe from the radiation, you just need to remember one thing. Keep the protective flip lid between you and your phone. Brilliant and simply to remember.
We compliment Cruz Cases on keeping down the purchase price on a truly well constructed phone case. Thumbs up to Cruz Cases on a job well done.