Abort Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally at Home

Dong Quai is a home-based remedy that is used in conjunction with other remedies like high dosage vitamin C to induce abortion.

Many a time in life we encounter a situation when we are pregnant but due to several personal issues are unable to bring that child to this world. In such scenarios, we would go ahead and try to get rid of this unwanted pregnancy. In such scenarios, we would like to perform this action in our privacy without even letting people know that we are pregnant. However, these homebased remedies should be beneficial within one month of conceiving. In later stages, it may induce other complexities like cyst etc.


Dong Quai is a native plant of Korea, also found in Japan. It grows in damp climate. Dong Quai have purple stems and white flowers. Both are used for various medicinal purposes. It helps in purifying blood and act as a muscle relaxer.

In conjunction with high dosage of vitamin C for six days taking one tablet of Dong Quai may act as a miracle to abort the unwanted pregnancy. Remember, high dosage of Dong Quai without medical supervision can be dangerous.

One can also complement the dosage of Dong Quai with intake of herbs like blue and black cohosh to induce herbal abortion which is safe and effective method to get rid of unwanted pregnancy.

Dong Quai induce the increased levels of estrogen. This high level of estrogen creates hormonal imbalance in body and decreases the level of progesterone. The progesterone is one of the essential hormones for the development of fetus and decreased level of this hormone creates a safe scenario for abortion in pregnant ladies.

Dong Quai also cure infertility in women like if there is any kind of blockage in fallopian tube. It also induces healthy growth of male sperms. Dong Quai is a very powerful herbal remedy which can be used in various health related scenarios. It was used in ancient times to help cure menstrual cramps. Its root is generally used in making several medicines. It’s a perfect medicine for skin discoloration related disease like psoriasis.

Its widely and easily available in local medical stores and can be bought without a medical prescription. These days’ people can even buy them easily online.

It is an excellent blood purifier. One can take it as a daily supplement after medical consult to keep themselves healthy in terms of fertility. It boosts your immune system to fight against things like breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males. When taken in small amounts it is considered good for child’s overall development in pregnant or nursing ladies. However, should be part of your diet only after consulting a physician.

Everybody have different result when they take Dong Quai and in case this do not work for you within a week’s time, you must consider other safe methods. Its best when taken within 24 hours of having sex and you doubt of getting pregnant when you don’t want to.