5 Tips to Keep the Hairs Healthy and Well Nourished

No matter what your hair type – smooth, curly, colored, dry or oily, one thing is certain: it needs special care to keep your look beautiful and healthy.

Contrary to what the advertisements claim, such hair care goes well beyond the choice of shampoo, conditioner or mask treatment.


It is possible to have beautiful and healthy hair and without spending a fortune with hair cosmetics. For this, it is enough to change some habits in the day to day. Check out following hair care tips:

  1. Pay attention to the way you wash your hair

You probably wash your hair the “least right” way, you know? Some factors like water temperature and how to apply the products are fundamental to obtain the best result.

  1. Dry the hair gently and use thermal protector

Some caution with wires should also be taken when drying them. Give preference to fabrics with high concentration of cotton in their composition and dry them gently.

  1. Use professional treatments

Sun, chlorine, sea, hair, shower, pollution, inappropriate products and various other details can end the health of your hair. That is why it is so important to maintain a wire care routine professionally.

  1. More careful still if you do smoothing, discoloration, or lights

Various hair processes such as progressive brushing, discoloration and other chemicals can damage the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in special cosmetics and minimize the impact of chemicals.

  1. To color the hair, see how to keep the color flawless

Before the change of color, it is necessary that hairs are already healthy and well nourished so that the result of the coloring is satisfactory and lasting.

If your hair is weak or dry, you can do a restorative hydration at home a day or two before applying the coloring.