The Secret to get Pregnant with IVF in the First Try: FLO Living!

A guide for those who wish to increase the odds of successful in-vitro fertilization

Having children is a concept that tickles the fancy of most people around the world, but unfortunately Mother Nature interferes sometimes in the form of infertility. Ovulation disorders, inhospitable environment, low motility, blah blah blah, these are all genuine medical problems but actually they are just different ways of nature saying no to your request of a baby. However now we have many options for those who wish to have a baby but cannot, the foremost of them in-vitro fertilization.


We all know that the chances of getting pregnant with in-vitro fertilization are pretty slim, even though they plant multiple embryos inside the surrogate womb. Although you can try multiple times, it is preferable to get pregnant the first time since trying multiple times decreases odds of success, costs a lot of money and time, and takes an emotional and psychological toll out of people. Thus we are here to tell you some secrets of increasing the odds of success the first time that your doctors simply would not tell you.

To begin, you must consider in-vitro fertilization as a sporting event. You have to train your body for going through it. We have laid down the secrets to training yourself for IVF in the following, easy to follow key points:

  • It is recommended that you follow the Flo living protocol so that your hormonal proportions be balanced and optimized.
  • Ingest fermented foods and raw fruits as much as possible to decrease swelling and boost up your eggs.
  • Eat leafy greens to strengthen the liver.
  • Take lots of vegetables rich in minerals so that your endocrine system can be energized.
  • Carefully observe your menstrual cycles, count days, check for color, et cetera.
  • Regularly check your skin and stool for abnormalities. Focus on your bowel health since all the nutrients are absorbed there.
  • Keep your vagina clean and bacteria free since vaginal diseases can decrease chances of becoming pregnant.

By following these steps, you will increase your chances of a successful in-vitro fertilization and hopefully become pregnant in the first try. Good luck!