How Wrong You are by not Feeling Pretty! A Teenager Guide to Feel Good and Look Awesome

Every teen wants to feel good and look awesome. But it’s not always an easy to have a wonderful appearance particularly when there just a few minutes to dress up and reach at the office or party.

Here, we know that some basic things can bring a big change. So, check out the best tips for the best skincare for teens.

We are what we eat

Our appearance reflects our eating habits. In order to have beautiful and healthy skin, hair and body, some care must be taken with food. Check out key tips to remember when eating:


  1. Food balance: it is not just a food or some nutrients that will make the body more beautiful, but the combination of the elements of the different food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables) that will provide an adequate and good food for the health;
  2. Give preference to foods rich in water and low in calories. They are fruits, vegetables and greens. They provide important vitamins and minerals for the beauty of the body;
  3. Opt for food in the full version. Oats, rice and whole grains are sources of fiber and help the intestine to function properly. In this way the body is able to eliminate toxins;
  4. Consume the right amount of calories, avoiding excess weight. The body is healthier, more beautiful and more willing to carry out daily tasks without overloading the body;
  5. Proteins are involved in several functions of the body. One of them is tissue repair. The foods source of these nutrients are meats, always opt for the leanest; legumes (beans, soybeans, peas, chickpeas), milk and dairy products.

Healthy habits are essential

It is also necessary to pay attention to our daily habits. Sleepless nights, irregular food and a sedentary lifestyle are enemies of youth and beauty. These habits directly interfere in our organism and are manifested through dry and tired skin. There are dark circles (which end with any look), the slow pace (which denounces lack of physical preparation) and emotional imbalance (which makes us more grumpy). To alleviate these symptoms, check out the suggests:

  1. Practice physical exercises without exaggeration, as they will give you more encouragement and leave you with a little body and youthfulness;
  2. Look for some quieter activity, like Yoga, or some alternative therapy that provides emotional balance, because, they leave you with a lighter face;
  3. Sleep well. A good night’s sleep is essential because it is while we sleep that toxins are drained. If you could not, it causes dark circles and bags around the eyes, leaving the face much more aged and tired. In addition, a good night’s sleep is synonymous with more disposition and good mood.

Skin care

The first sign is wrinkles and signs on the skin and teens are looking older than they really are. Check out the tips of natural skincare for teenage skin.

  1. Wear sunglasses when exposed to the sun to avoid wrinkles around your eyes. At the beach or pool, wear a hat or cap, as they help protect your face.
  2. Under no circumstances dispense the sunscreen on the face, neck and hands. Those with a factor of 30 (or more) are ideal and remember to go over them at least every four hours. Most people use filters only when they leave the house in the morning. This is a big problem, because when you go out to lunch, the filter is no longer effective and your skin will be unprotected. Another option is to use best moisturiser for teenage skin.
  3. Always clean your skin before bed to eliminate impurities, greasiness and prevent acne, even if it is not with makeup on. If you have makeup on, never sleep with it. The habit will accelerate the aging of the skin because it clogs the pores and hinders tissue oxygenation. Always choose the best teenage skin care products that are key of best skincare for teens.
  4. Bet on a specific best moisturiser for teenage skin. Choose one available under LYFE. LYFE is, a new, planet-friendly skincare brand designed specifically for teens.
  5. Be careful not to abuse anti-aging products. Always choose natural products for natural skincare for teenager.

Choose the product from the teenage skin care products according to your age and skin needs. Many women use creams ahead of time and are unaware that when used in the wrong way, they can cause blemishes, acne, among other brands or allergies.

  1. Beware of using homemade products.

You know that cheap that is expensive? Some foods, such as figs and lemons, have acids that, if exposed to light, cause marks on the skin. The best home remedy is ice water. Cold water compresses on the face and eyes revive any look.

Makeup is the best friend

Bet on make to enhance your strengths and hide what is not so symmetrical. Check out the secrets.

  1. The makeup step by step, from skin preparation to cleaning at the end of the day, must be religiously respected, as this is what makes the makeup last longer and does not harm your skin. Obeying the features of your face and choosing quality products are also fundamental attitudes for a young look.
  2. First prepare your skin: wash your face, neck and hands thoroughly with mild soap and cold water.
  3. Apply a cream that is appropriate for your skin type and that is specific to your face. The skin needs to be hydrated to receive the makeup. Wait for the cream to be absorbed so as not to remove it when applying the foundation.
  4. Apply a thin layer of foundation. Avoid oily versions, as oil carries the expression. Invest in a base shade the same color as your skin.
  5. Use eye shadow, blush and non-greasy and very soft compact powder to avoid weighing down the look
  6. Always prefer a make-up that leaves you looking healthy and natural. Pastel shades on the eyelids, blush on the cheeks and mascara to enhance the lashes always work.
  7. When removing makeup, use a good makeup remover and best moisturiser for teenage skin. In case of any acne, choose acne create from the best acne products for teens.