3 SEACRET Skin Care Tips to Glow in Summers

The summer heat is nothing but the time when you have to expose a bit of your body so that you can remain cool. Well, this is the time when you need to prepare your skin to face of the hard world. to help you get on with it, we are providing you the following SEACRET Skin Care tips.


  • Hair

The Sun Hats are back in Fashion! This trend is to be followed as it will protect you from sun. If you have colored hair, then going out in sun will make you lose the shine. So whatever you do, you need to make sure you don’t lose it. The colored hair, when out in such also tends to developed split heads and they color may shade away. Not to mention it can dry and damage your hair to an extent. So follow the SEACRET Skin Care advice and best stay about from the sun this winter.

  • Feet

When it comes to feet, you need to take all the precaution you can. For the best results possible. You should massaged your feet with SEACRET Dead Sea Salt & Oil Scrub. This will help you to keep the salt and oil in your feet. Keep your tootsies smooth and satay safe from cracks and hard skin even on your heels. As you carefully follow the SEACRET Skin Care tips, you will easily maintain vitality and suppleness of your feet.

  • Artificial Tanning

This is perhaps the best way for a healthy glow on your skin. You should never forget about the self-tanning products as they don’t have sunscreen and therefore they don’t produce melanin which protects your skin. So before you step out under the sun, you need to be careful and apply your sunscreen there forth. While at it, make sure you don’t forget about the back of hand, shoulder and even the neck.