The Main Positives That People Experience Post Rhinoplasty

One of the most common types of cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty. While a facelift can shave decades off your face, getting your nose done makes a more drastic difference. And when it’s done well, people can see that you’re more attractive, but they may not know exactly what has changed until you tell them.


Of course, this only applies to the kind of surgery that improves the shape of your nose. Some rhinoplasties are used to repair dramatic problems like a broken nose from an accident, sports injury, or a congenital disability. These will have distinct results. However, most nose surgeries have a subtle but powerful effect on a patient’s appearance.

Your nose is one of the most distinctive features on your face. So if you don’t like how it looks, you’re likely to be very self-conscious about it. It may begin to bother you in your childhood when kids make fun of its size, shape, or curvature. This will influence your self-esteem, especially since you can’t exactly hide your nose.

There are other methods of improving an unattractive nose. You can use fillers to straighten it, or you can use make-up to contour it, diminishing flaws and adjusting its appearance. Cleverly used cosmetics can straighten a crooked angle, lengthen a short nose, or make stretched features look more compact.

But these are temporary fixes which take a lot of time and effort. When someone finally gets their rhinoplasty done, they feel a massive sense of pleasure and relief, knowing they will never have to wield a camouflaging make-up brush again. It boosts their confidence, and this sense of well-being will soon spill over into other areas of their lives.

Other patients may have fretted over their wardrobes, looking for hats, scarves, sunglasses, spectacle frames, and jewellery that would take the focus off their noses. Many of these patients are giddy knowing their fashion choices are no longer captive to their faces.

Of course, not all rhinoplasties are strictly aesthetic. Sometimes, a patient gets a nose job to improve their breathing in addition to their beauty. Such patients are excited that they can now breathe easy and that they can even sing. Some famous artistes credit nose jobs with their increased vocal range and better stage performance.

Given this information, it makes sense that a nose job surgeon will often be asked for rhinoplasty as a career move. Studies show that attractive people get more promotions and make more sales. It might be a psychological effect of their confidence, or it may be that we have a harder time saying no to good-looking people.

Either way, many patients are sure they do better at work after their rhinoplasty. A good nose job can also make you look younger, which is beneficial in many front-facing careers. Taking a few years off your face can ramp up a slow career, so many people who’ve been out of the workforce for a while might include nose jobs in their back-to-work kit.

Earlier, we mentioned breathing problems. Two things that accompany a compromised nasal passage are sleeping problems and snoring. Nose jobs can help resolve sleep apnea by clearing breathing passages. They can also – in some cases – fix chronic snoring. It can fix sinus problems as well, so you can say goodbye to those incessant pollen allergies.

Bullying is an issue that mostly affects kids and teenagers, but it can have long-term effects. And if you were teased as a child, then anyone’s passing comment on your nose can trigger trauma. Rhinoplasty repairs the source of your taunting, and this can heal you both physically and emotionally.

Scientific studies suggest that the human brain finds beauty in symmetry. When we analyse the faces of the most attractive people in the world, we notice that their features are symmetrical. Rhinoplasty, therefore, improves your features by making your face more balanced and greatly enhancing your features.