Plastic Surgery: Seven Questions Before You Do

A plastic surgery does not have that name for nothing: it is a surgical procedure, so it should be taken seriously. Plastic surgery is not a villain. The ills are in the patient’s lack of care and wrong choices.

There are seven questions to ask from the experts at Plastic Surgery Clinic in Dubai UAE. Check them out:

Plastic Surgery Seven Questions Before You Do

  1. Should I even have surgery?

In any way, you need to trust the doctor. Many patients hear a ‘no’ when they come to the surgery because they want a totally unnecessary or unrealistic surgery.

  1. Have I chosen a good professional?

“Plastic surgery does not promise beauty, let alone perfection.”

Some criteria are basic before choosing your surgeon: research your doctor’s referrals and qualifications.

  1. Do diseases carry greater risks?

Anyone who has an inherited, chronic, or other condition will need to obtain an endorsement from a physician in order to perform the plastic surgery safely. This is the case of those who have heart problems or diabetes.

  1. Will I get more beautiful?

The most correct answer is: maybe. It all depends on how you see yourself and what you expect. If you try to look like someone you think is a beauty model, the result can be disastrous.

  1. Am I at the right age?

In adolescents, plastic surgery is not recommended until age 16, both for the changes the body is undergoing and for the immaturity that may be involved in this decision.

  1. Leave marks?

Whenever there is a deep cut, there is a scar. This should be very clear to anyone who thinks he’s going to look exactly like he used to be.

  1. Is the post-operative calm?

Although the technology is advanced, there is no risk-free surgery and postoperative pain. In surgeries with silicone prostheses, there may be problems of rejection of the body, inflammation and infections, not to mention that pain will always exist.