Derma Rollers for Hair

Hair loss is said to be affecting more than 50 million people in the United States. It is something that is now considered common among individuals falling between the age of 20 and 50. Many have opted to try all the treatment options available in order to avoid this condition that many consider very embarrassing. It is not in doubt that many people suffering from hair loss have had emotional problems such as loss of self-esteem as a result of the loss of hair. Women are the most affected because of the good relationship that they always enjoy with their hair. Women have a special relationship with their hair since to them; their hairs are considered the most important thing to them when it comes to physical beauty. Women living in Pune are highly obsessed with their hair and try out various treatments to ensure good health of their hair. To help such women, Clinicspots, a unique online medical facilitator has a list of highly experienced hair surgeons and reputed hair clinics listed on their portal. This will enable you to compare the prices, reviews and even availability of the doctor in the clinic. Hair transplant can also help solve hair loss problems and you can avail cheap and best hair transplant in Pune. However, keep reading this article to find out more about the importance of derma rollers for hair.

Women always spend a lot of time and money taking care of their hair, and it always comes as a big blow to them when them when they notice that their hairs are falling. However, scientists and medical researchers have always come up with treatments and products that have always helped in the restoration of hair. Medical products, both herbal and pharmaceutical, have been used in the restoration of hair. Surgery and transplants have also been considered to be an effective method, especially where on is not getting results from the use of restoration product or when it comes to genetically inherited conditions such as alopecia areata.

Use of Derma rollers is a new innovative way of treating hair loss. Derma rollers are used in the in the surgical process of micro needling. A derma roller is a device held by hand that has a wheel attached to the handle. The wheels of the derma roller are fitted with very small needles which are very small in length. This device is made to roll over the patient’s skin making the needles press themselves on the tissue. This device was initially used in the therapy of skin imperfections but now has been renovated to help in androgenic alopecia treatment.

How it works

Scientists have suggested that the derma roller should work by triggering of the production of growth factor in humans. Generally, growth of hair majorly relies on the genes that boost the development of new cells of hair. All these processes take place in the hair follicles, the tiny openings which cover the human scalp and also the rest of the body. Some chemicals are needed to ignite the production of cells of hair in the follicles, with an essential one being the human growth. The rolling of the needles along the skin causes minor wounds on the surface tissue. The body is then supposed to work to ensure that a new skin is produced in the area where the wound has been left by releasing the growth hormone for humans and some other chemicals which can also assist in the process. It is believed the releasing of the chemicals stimulate hair growth in the areas affected, which then help in the start of regrowth in the thinning areas.

Recommended derma rollers

Premium Derma Roller – 1.0 mm 540 needles

It is a micro-needle roller that helps in tightening the skin and making it firm and reducing hair loss. It is considered the best derma roller because it is viewed as the most efficient alternative to some of the hair restoration procedures because it helps in the stimulation of the production of collagen when it is rolled on the scalp. When using this derma roller, it does not have a lot of reactions on the skin and the device is also made from one of the best quality stainless steel used for surgery. Derma rolling has gained popularity because of its fight against hair loss. Clinical studies have suggested that combination of derma roller and minoxidil, which is a hair restoration product, always give excellent results. The derma roller pricks gently, the skin layers which lead to the opening of the skin pores for minoxidil’s maximum absorption. This can be used on the scalp just before the use of any hair treatment on the regimen. Extensive use of this derma rolling has indicated good dramatic results both in the health of scalp and growth of hair.

Derma Roller SGF

This derma roller is made using the best quality of Titanium Alloy Micro-needles. It gives results for both skin problems and hair loss. Whether one is using minoxidil or shampoos for hair loss or even other treatment products for hair loss, micro-needling is definitely the best way of making the scalp quickly and efficiently absorb treatments in order to trigger the growth of hair and strengthening of the scalp. It has been found out that the use of the combination of minoxidil and derma roller SGF is five times more effective than single use of minoxidil because of the high level of penetration in the scalp when it is opened by needles that are on the derma roller.

When considering using micro needling as an option for hair loss restoration, one can always seek the services of dermatologists who can appropriately advise and offer the services or even offer other available options fit for you condition.