, Fighting Tooth Decay with You

Tooth Decay is destruction of tooth enamel. It’s the hard outer layer of teeth. This is a common problem in children, teens and even adults. Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria forms up on teeth and when you consume, it attacks the tooth enamel. The stickiness of plague keeps such acids in contact with teeth all time till enamel breaks down. This leads to cavities.


Cavities are even more common. Recession of gums away from teeth which increases the incidence of gum disease exposes tooth roots to plaque. The roots are covered with cementum, a soft tissue as compared to enamel. These are susceptible to decay and sensitive to touch as well as hot and cold.

Decay around edges or margin of filling is also quite common. People who have fillings also suffer from this condition. Fillings can weaken, fracture and leak around the edges. Bacteria accumulates such crevices which lets acid build up leading to decay. Considering the severity of this condition, Dentist Strathroy provides you the following tip to keep it from building

  • Brush twice a day
  • Clean between teeth on daily basis with floss
  • Eat well balance Diet and control your Snacking
  • Check with your dentist for use of supplement fluoride which adds life to your teeth, also ask them to use dental sealants
  • Visit your dentist on regular basis for professional clean up and oral check

Strathroy dentist will help you to keep this problem at bay and from developing. We will check whether the decay is serious or not. If the answer is yes they we will remove the decay and repair your teeth with filling. The fact is sometimes root of teeth can be damaged so you might also need filling the crown of your teeth. It will protect you from any further damage.