In medicine, a disease is considered ???m?t?m?ti? if a ??ti?nt i? a ??rri?r f?r a disease ?r infection but experiences no symptoms. A condition might b? asymptomatic if it f?il? to ?h?w th? n?ti???bl? symptoms with whi?h it i? usually ?????i?t?d. Asymptomatic infections ?r? ?l?? called ?ub?lini??l inf??ti?n?. Oth?r di?????? (such ?? mental illnesses) might b? ??n?id?r?d subclinical if they ?r???nt ??m? but not all ?f th? ??m?t?m? r??uir?d f?r a clinical di?gn??i?. Th? t?rm clinically ?il?nt i? ?l?? used.


Kn?wing th?t a condition is ???m?t?m?ti? i? important because:

  • It m?? d?v?l?? ??m?t?m? later ?nd ?? require watch ?nd wait or early tr??tm?nt.
  • It m?? r???lv? it??lf or become b?nign.
  • It is required that a ??r??n undergoes tr??tm?nt so it does not cause l?t?r m?di??l ?r?bl?m? ?u?h ?? high blood pressure ?nd h???rli?id??mi?.
  • Be alert t? ????ibl? ?r?bl?m?: asymptomatic hypothyroidism m?k?? a ??r??n vuln?r?bl? t? W?rni?k?-K?r??k?ff syndrome ?r b?ri-b?ri following intravenousglucose.
  • The affected ??r??n may b? infectious and unknowingly spread th? inf??ti?n to ?th?r?.


Si?kn??? m?? r?f?r t?:



Si?kn??? i?th? ?t?t? of b?ing ill or th? f??ling ?r f??t of b?ing ?ff??t?d with nausea ?r v?miting.


M?di??l di?gn??i? is th? ?r????? ?f d?t?rmining whi?h di????? ?r condition ?x?l?in? a ??r??n’? symptoms ?nd ?ign?. It i? m??t ?ft?n r?f?rr?d to as di?gn??i? with the m?di??l context b?ing im?li?it. Th? information required f?r di?gn??i? i? t??i??ll? collected fr?m a hi?t?r? and ?h??i??l examination of the person seeking medical ??r?. Oft?n, ?n? ?r more diagnostic ?r???dur??, ?u?h as diagnostic t??t?, ?r? ?l?? d?n? during th? ?r?????. Sometimes Posthumous diagnosis i? ??n?id?r?d a kind ?f m?di??l diagnosis.

 Di?gn??i? is ?ft?n ?h?ll?nging, because m?n? ?ign? ?nd ??m?t?m? ?r? n?n????ifi?. For ?x?m?l?, r?dn??? of th? skin (erythema), b? it??lf, i? a ?ign ?f m?n? disorders and thus d???n’t t?ll the h??lth??r? ?r?f???i?n?l wh?t i? wrong. Thu? diff?r?nti?l di?gn??i?, in whi?h ??v?r?l ????ibl? ?x?l?n?ti?n? are ??m??r?d and ??ntr??t?d, must b? ??rf?rm?d. Thi? inv?lv?? th? correlation ?f various ?i???? of information f?ll?w?d b? the recognition and diff?r?nti?ti?n ?f patterns. Occasionally th? ?r????? is m?d? ???? b? a sign ?r ??m?t?m (?r a gr?u? ?f ??v?r?l) th?t i? pathognomonic.