Strange Things that People Use to Take Care of their Skin

How far would you go for beautiful skin? Famous people have their secrets, as popular as they are exotic. But if bird feces, sour milk or fat are not to your complete satisfaction, we inform you some strange skincare tips that people use to care for their skin.



Fat is the oils that produce skin care from it. Although it looks disgusting, some people use it to make the skin brighter. In addition, some experts recommend applying fat over body as it helps retain moisture.

Bird feathers

If you have found the fat unpleasant, it is because we have not yet mentioned bird feces. Apparently they have their important benefits in beauty, and depending on the type of bird and the treatment.

Sour milk

It is known that milk is good for the skin, but in years ago people used sour milk mixed with honey. As foolproof as the results on the skin are, you have to put on the scales the smell, which is not at all pleasant, right.


Not to mention a weekend beer, but a strange and effective treatment of the skin. The secret is that beer helps remove the buildup in the skin, leaving it radiant.


As if sour milk was not enough, the cream also has its beauty secrets. This product has exfoliation powers and contains lactic acid to lighten skin tone and remove dead skin cells from it.

Sheep wool oil

The oil obtained from sheep wool is a good softener for the skin. It is well known for its ability to heal chapped skin quickly.

Icy water

If you wake up, looking sleepy and swollen, fill up a bowl with small cucumber pieces and ice water and put your face in. This tightens everything and makes you awake instantly. It improves skin tone and decreases pores.