7 Things You Need To Know Before Considering Tumescent Liposuction

Many people dream of getting rid of localized fat by doing tumescent liposuction, but there are very few who really know how it is done. The biggest fallacy, for example, is the idea that surgery helps you lose weight. Are you interested in the procedure? See following 10 essential informations about this surgery:


Liposuction does not lose weight

The procedure is not indicated for obese people. It serves to model the body, removing localized fat, not to lose weight. If the patient does this intention, the tendency is for the fat to return.

There is a limit on the amount of fat that can be removed

There is a decree of the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) which stipulates that doctors can only take up to 7% of the total body volume of the patient, which is enough.

Fat removed from surgery may be applied in another region

Surgeons use the fat removed in a liposuction to correct body irregularities. For example, if liposuction is in the culottes, the doctor can graft the fat on the butt.

The result of the surgery only appears after three months

It even gives you a feeling for the result of liposuction in the first month, but the swelling remains. The result, even, will only be seen three to six months after the operation.

It is possible to gain weight after liposuction

Besides swelling, it is possible to gain weight after operation. Our body always strives for balance. If it is accustomed to a certain amount of fat, when it is eliminated, it tries to recover.

If you get fat, your belly may look strange

Many people get fat again after liposuction. When this happens, fat usually accumulates everywhere that has not undergone the procedure, leaving the body region disproportionate.

You will need to do drainage

After surgery, there is usually fluid retention. Therefore, lymphatic drainage is necessary.