Make the Water Healthier You Drink Daily

How wonderful it would be if you could have in your house a pure water, crystal clear, fresh with advanced hydrogen water generator as if from the source of a mountain.

But how can this not be possible because, even the waters of the most preserved places are now compromised, what about producing in your residence a good water, special for the balance of the human being? Our body consists of about 70% water, and the brain, 90%.


After the air we breathe, water is the most important element for our survival. Just to get an idea, to keep your health in order, you should eat about two liters of water a day and, on hot days, at least two and a half liters.

Over the years, the human being dehydrates more frequently and the need for replacement is greater. Only at certain moments, we feel very thirsty and with that we drink water, mainly after physical exercises or in very hot days.

In general, people only drink water when they are already dehydrated, since thirst is a sign that their reserve is low.

In the face of day-to-day running, people forget to drink water and become accustomed to it, failing to realize whether or not they are taking the necessary amount for healthy survival.

Many replace water with soft drinks, teas, beers, believing that the hydration and replenishment of nutrients and minerals will be the same, which is a true misconception.

The ideal would be to do a routine, including noting the amount of water glasses consumed, so that the custom remains daily.

When drinking a glass of water, even without feeling thirst, the amount should be 250 ml to make a liter with four glasses. If the glass is of a much smaller volume, it will make it difficult to count.