5 Natural Solutions For Those Who Don’t Sleep

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, there’s a variety of different things that could be causing your sleep issues. In this article, we explore some of the most common sleep issues and hopefully find a solution to help you fall asleep.


Changing Your Sleep Habits

One of the most common reasons why men and women need help falling asleep is due to bad sleeping habits. Remember, our body likes routine habits. If you don’t have a specific time to lay down, it’s a good time to start practicing it.

*Solution: Try scheduling an appropriate time to lay down and fall asleep.

Turn Your Brain Off And Everything Else

Are you working late at night? Playing on Facebook? Still checking your email? With all the technology advancements of the past decade, more people have trouble falling asleep than ever before. If you want better sleep, you have to turn it all off. Turn off your brain, your computers, laptops, iPhones, television and anything else you’re doing before bed.

*Solution: Make sure you give yourself exactly one hour prior to bed to unwind and shut down.

Lower Your Sugar Intake

Are you a soda drinker? Drinking fruit juices? It’s one thing to drink soda and fruit juice during the day. While it’s not healthy, drinking this at night is even worse. If you drink soda a lot before bedtime, it could be reason you’re staying up at night or not sleeping. The solution is simple in theory, but it can be tough ending bad habits.

*Solution: Don’t drink soda and fruit juices before bed. Start drinking water instead.

Did You Say Change My Bedroom

Yes I did. The wrong bedroom environment can cause you to have trouble sleeping. If you’re letting to much light into the bedroom, it could be causing your sleep issues. If the bed isn’t comfortable, it could be the reason you’re turning at night. Even the colors of your bedroom can affect the way you sleep. Our best advice, try different bedroom settings, see which work the best for you.

*Solution: It can be tough but try different bedroom settings, colors and elements to make your room comfortable and inviting.

Sleep Supplements Can Help

It’s true, we know that there’s prescription medications that can help you sleep better, but many of them come with risk. Rather than relying on a medication, you may want to consider a supplement. One in particular that we know works well is Melatonin. Melatonin is a neurohormone, not an actual bioidentical hormone. Your levels drop dramatically starting at around age 30, and we can even measure that melatonin levels correlate with the deepness of sleep and amount of REM sleep that you get. The more the better!

*Solution: If you’re still having sleep troubles, consider a safe sleep supplement like melatonin.

Sleep Is Vital To Good Health

Sleep is such a crucial element for good general health. Without proper sleep, you’re going to constantly feel drained, tired and exhausted. Your body needs to refuel itself and we do this during sleep. The longer you go without good sleep, the worse you will feel. All of the sleep issues above are among the most common, so give it a try, create a routine and get back to sleeping.