Foot Pressure Points to Heal your Pain

Knowing your foot pressure points helps you greatly to give yourself or a friend an excellent foot massage. A good foot massage helps to relieve pain in the feet, it can help with sinus pain (if use proper sinus pressure points), helps you to recover faster from tiredness and fatigue. Tired, aching feet are a result of too much walking or hard running, which places a great pressure on the feet.

Jobs that require one to do a plenty of walking – such as a salesperson’s job, or continuous standing, make it really hard for your feet, as they carry the burden of the entire body for much of the day. No wonder so many people go to bed at night, with sore, aching feet after another hard day at work. That is why knowing your foot pressure points, as well as other pressure points on the body is so important.

foot pressure point to heal

Know your Foot Pressure Points

Your foot pressure points can be found on the inner side of the ankle bone, just within the large hollow. You can easily feel the foot pressure points with your index finger, apply pressure and release every 30 seconds. Do this for just 10 minutes and breath deeply while you do so. The various foot pressure points that help relieve foot pain are:

The Illuminated Sea

This foot pressure point is present on the inner side of the ankle. Pressing it helps to relieve swollen ankles and other types of foot pain such as stiffness around the ankle. Press these pressure points with both thumbs, applying an equal pressure for 2 minutes.

High Mountains

This foot pressure point is meant for giving relief to thigh pain, pain in the foot joints, ankle pain and swollen feet and ankle pains. Place the thumb between the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Hold the pressure for 5 minutes and then release it for 30 seconds. Do this twice, and do it in the morning and at night, before going to bed. Repeat the same on the other leg as well.

Calm Sleep

Look for this foot pressure point in the indentation which is directly below the outer ankle bone. Pressing this point relieves pain in the ankle, heels ankle and various other foot aches. Hold it with your index finger and gently in a clockwise circular motion.

Wrist Point

This pressure point is in the middle of the wrist line. Place the thumb in the center of the wrist and apply pressure gently. This pressure point is to give relief to ankle pain. Just don’t apply too much pressure on it.

Wrist Bone

This pressure point can be found on the upper side of the wrist, just besides a prominent bone. Press it for five minutes to relieve foot and ankle pain.

Ankle Massage

This foot pressure point is present in the hollow just under the ankle. Press your thumbs on this point for 5 minutes, and then thumb walk this region for 2 minutes. Repeat for the other foot. You will feel a great relief in your feet and ankles, reducing your foot pain to a great extent.

Foot Reflexology for Foot Pressure Points

Applying pressure on the foot pressure points, or other sinu pressure points on the body related to the feet, systematically, as per centuries old Asian healing traditions is called Foot Reflexology. Foot reflexology is based on the idea that the foot pressure points that are at the bottom of the feet are highly sensitive and store great tension, leading to a chronic sore foot condition.

Foot reflexology is a form of foot therapy that works on the foot pressure points to act against this tension. Apart from working on the foot pressure points to remove soreness in the feet, foot reflexology also improves blood circulation, removes harmful toxins from the body, relaxes and destresses you completely.