Does Body Massage Reduce Anxiety?

An estimated 10% of adults suffer from anxiety disorders which are harmful to health and sometimes, leads to death too. The major problems arise from these disorders affects the life of people and force them to commit suicide. While anxiety disorders can be treated with psychotherapy but some people don’t go for it due to medication process, side effects or any other personal belief. Research has revealed that massage can be beneficial for patient suffering from anxiety disorders. Daily massage for several minutes may lead to mood change and behavior change.


How massage therapy reduce anxiety?

Massage reduces the production of stress hormone and results in relaxing brain and body. Our body is designed to respond to touch, so massage therapy involves relaxing touch which results in stable behavior and mood change. Muscular relaxation and signal transfer to brain are also major reasons for the reduction of stress after the massage session. Massage also release out chemical toxins from the body.

Massage therapy relaxes the mind and if you remain silent during the whole session, then you will feel instant relaxation. There are different types of massage to reduce the symptoms of anxiety like deep tissue massage, Chinese massage, self-massage and many more.

Benefits of massage for anxiety patients:

  •    Stimulate neurotransmitter that lowers the anxiety
  •    Lowers the production of anxiety hormones
  •    Reduce psychological anxiety level
  •    Reduce pre-surgery anxiety
  •    Increase the sense of calm and relaxation

There are other benefits too that can be helpful in reducing anxiety disorders.

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