Anti Aging Skin Care Beyond The Face

Learn how to prevent aging of the thin, delicate skin of the neck, chin, neck and hands.

Facial skin care is a habit of most women and from twenty five years, the anti-aging treatments begin to be gradually inserted into the routine. But often some important areas neglect for example, under the chin, neck, arms and hands up. The skin of these regions shows the signs of aging earlier and need rejuvenation care. See the tips!


By applying your anti-aging care in the face, spread the product until lap

Morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, it is important to apply a specific moisturizer to soften the signs of age, enriched with retinol. In addition to applying in circular movements and upward across the face, rub a little of the product also in the neck and chest. The skin of these areas is thin and very sensitive. For face, experts suggest CBD for wrinkles, a best anti-aging treatment.

Rolling-on for dark circles can help fight sagging chin

For those who suffer from sagging in the region below the chin creating the dreaded “double chin”, there is a super unusual and very effective trick. The roll-on for dark circles can help reduce fluid retention and swelling in the region which acts in the same way in the area below the eyes. If the product is enriched with rejuvenating agents such as retinol, the result is even better. In addition, a specific massage can also be quite beneficial.

Daily sun protection is essential in the hands

Hands are also often forgotten at the time of beauty routine and it is especially important to take care of them to start the day. The very thin skin of the hands is also the first to show the signs of age and it is essential to always moisturize very well. Once the area is always exposed, do not forget to also apply a daily sunscreen of high factor and do not use products with alcohol.